Who Are Those Girls

Who are 2 Lisas??  We are "those girls".....

Those girls who love their children with all their hearts

Those girls who think you should laugh hard enough to make tears run down your leg

Those girls who have had to find more strength within themseleves then any person should before 40

Those girls who can jam out to any guitar hero song till the wee hours of the night

Those girls who think people should be kind everyday because you never know what someone is living

Those girls who think it is ok to wear black and brown together

Those girls who say you should sing loud and dance like you're good at it...it will heal

Those girls who believe in friendship...and lucky enough to have married our best friends

Those girls who think 5 pairs of boots may be not enough

Those girls who think there are 3 drink groups: coffee, water and wine (most days that is the order)

Those girls that think every home needs a pet even if it's a goldfish

Those girls who believe in Love, Family, Faith, Laughter and Fashion



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