There Really Is More Good In The World Than Bad Pencil Canvas Zipper Bag


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In 2006 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A lady that I'd only seen in passing during kindergarten drop-off for our kids noticed I had lost my hair from the chemo treatments. She gave me her favorite bandanna that I had commented to her it was cute weeks earlier, along with a note that read: 

Why? Because

-There is really more good in the world than bad.

-Pay it forward.

-Sharing really isn't sharing unless it's your favorite.

This woman is now a best friend for life. This bag is for her because there really is more good in the wold than bad. Great advice from a beautiful kind soul! Put some greatness in today.

  • This canvas bag measures 9" x 4.25" and measures 1" at the base.  
  • It is cotton lined and has an inner pocket.  
  • Washable