deVine Chardonnay Lip Shimmers

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Natural, untinted shimmery notes are paired with rich, sassy pigment in this single stick of of Chardonnay.  The Chardonnay is a soothing and creamy untinted balm with a lite shimmer and a hint of vanilla.  

From a small seed comes a big idea! deVine has created an innovative line of products that address beauty and health from the inside out.  A revolutionary concept, deVine has extracted all the powerful, nourishing benefits of wine grapes and infused it into its line.

deVine features:

Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant containing phytoalexin (antimicrobial substance) found in the skin of red grapes

Grape Seed Oil, another anti-oxidant and rich in phenols. It’s a wonderful moisturizer containing a high content of Linoleic Acid, a fatty acid essential for cell membranes and skin health

Red Wine Antioxidants or Polyphenols, known to fight free radicals and help prevent cell damage

deVine is:

All natural – Alcohol free – Gluten free – Cruelty free Pesticide free Paraben free - made in the USA

Lisa has Celiac so we are thrilled to bring a gluten free product that actually has some style and color...and always thrilled to offer product that is Cruelty and Pesticide Free.

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