What Does Rain Smell Like?

11th Jul 2016

A team of scientists at MIT isolated the source of that fresh smell we sense after a satisfying rain. The scent called petrichor (petra, the Greek word for “stone,” and ichor, which means “the blood of the gods,”) aerates when raindrops of a certain size and speed fall on porous earth, burst, and release chemical compounds from the ground into the air. The scent is sublte and "fresh." The morning after a gentle overnight rain best describes the common experience we have all had with the "scent of rain".

The Scent of a Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms also release a similar scent in the air as lightning bolts ionize water vapor in rain clouds. This scent is also pleasing but is slightly different than the scent called petrichor released by the earth and it is dangerous to be that close to lightning.

The Sound of Rainfall

The sound of rainfall is very soothing and relaxing to your mind with beautiful high quality rainfall sounds. Rain sounds are perfect for relaxation and can be also used as sleeping music. There are many ways to enjoy sounds of a light rain. Many people enjoy the sounds of rainfall music as a sleep aid or meditation background. How often have you used soft "mode" music as a calming method? I enjoy raindrop music while relaxing with a glass of wine on my patio watching an evening sunset.Having a covered patio, I will often sit on the patio and enjoy a natural rainfall.

Humans Are Hardwired to Appreciate Rainfall

Humans are apparently hardwired to appreciate rainfall, having depended on it to a great extent for crop survival in the past (a rather nifty Darwinian fact, I think). All natural "Rain" perfumes and beauty are very popular because they are so natural and they harken to our natural instincts. We are creatures of nature and we will embace nature given the opportunity.

Written by Amy Smith of giftx.biz
Beauty Consultant

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