National Compliment Day!  Gosh you look so pretty today!

National Compliment Day! Gosh you look so pretty today!

Posted by Julie on 25th Jan 2018

Here at 2 Lisas Boutique we truly believe there really is more good in the world than bad.

Today is national compliment day. And there is not a better way to put a positive vibe out there than giving out compliments - to friends, coworkers, family, your favorite barista, even strangers. You'll find that giving out the compliments is as fulfilling and as positive of an experience for you as it is for those receiving the compliments. Don't yell at them down the street - that is impersonal and can feel insulting (insert cat-call whistle sound effect).  Instead look the person in the eye and give them a sincere praise. Just be genuine. Here are some great Ideas for compliments.

You are always so kind and thoughtful.Jules Travel Mug - You Look So Pretty Today

I love the way you always smile.

You are so unique.

I love your hairstyle. Is it new?

You're better than ice cream with sprinkles on top!

You look so pretty today.

You're my favorite person in the history of ever.

This travel mug by Jules is the perfect mug to give or a simple reminder to yourself. You look so pretty today! It is made of stainless steel in a nice rose gold with a brown flip top sealing lid.  So perfect for on the go.

In the same breath - if someone give you a complement. Simply say "Thank You".  Saying things to play down the situation take the positivity away.  For example, if someone tells you they love your outfit - don't respond with "This old thing, I got the top at Target and the skirt has been in my closet for years collecting dust."  Just say "Thank you! Your words are so kind."  

Now go out and put some good into the world.