LLamas Are All The Rage

1st Dec 2017

Have you seen them everywhere?  They are quirky and cute.Are they the new unicorn?Though they lack the magic and mysticism of unicorns but llamas have a cuddly factor and an adorable, fixed smile … read more

White Elephant Rules and Gift Ideas!

5th Dec 2016

Seems like every year we get invited to a gift exchange.  You mission is to come up with the most coveted gift. Bring the gift everyone is trading for!  Here are some great ideas from 2 Lisa … read more

Who is Dan DiPaolo

Posted by Julie Borgerding on 2nd Nov 2016

We've recently brought in some new art pieces from Primitives By Kathy that we just love!  They are by artist Dan DiPaolo.  They have a great rustic chic look to them and we are so excited t … read more