Be Hopeful - White Reclaimed Wood Sign from Second Nature by Hand

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Motivate, Inspire, Show your love with this reclaimed wood sign, this is made from old white barn wood.  Uniquely different!

Be Hopeful, White Reclaimed Wood Sign 14x6 in size.  What a beautiful and inspirational sign with simple words that mean so much.

This is made with 300 year old wood in white finish, each one is different and unique just as you!

Please NOTE: This old wood is rich in history and patina. We hope it finds a place in your home to be displayed! Because the artist does use reclaimed materials, cracks, variation in wood color, and other character marks are to be expected. The pieces are unique and are treasured for their past history.  THIS RUSTIC SIGN WILL HAVE WHITE WASH WOOD, NOT ALL WHITE, EACH SIGN IS VERY DIFFERENT, UNIQUE LIKE YOU!

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