About Us

Dear Reader, Shopper, Rocker of the Internet and Friend-

At 2 Lisas Boutique we believe that there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS something to be thankful for. 

Today we are thankful for you. For visiting (and hopefully shopping) 2 Lisas Boutique. We hope some things on our site make you smile today.

Lisa and Julie, the co-founders of 2 Lisas Boutique, have been friends for over 20 years.  Yes, that means we meet back in the 90’s when we wore big hair, listened to the Cranberries, the Spice Girls, Quad City DJ’s and Chumbauwamba, and only on a very special occasion we drank beer through a funnel.  We attended each other’s weddings.  We watched each other’s baby bumps grow, and our toddlers were the best of friends. We watched as each other’s husbands were laid off.  And both went from stay at home mommies to working mommies. And now we are learning how to manage our teenagers…But sometimes life gets hard. Very hard. 

Lisa second child was very premature.  He is a strong teenager now, but has had many chronic health complications through his 14 years.  And she has almost lost her son several times through his 14 year with us.

Julie was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 33.  This was a very difficult battle for her having 2 young daughters at home. But with the support of friends and family is now  a 10+ year survivor.

At times both of our lives could have been a lifetime original movie.  We are often amazed at the pain and struggles we’ve both overcome.  Different journeys, but parallel. We would never give our battles away, and if everyone put their problems in a big pile we’d be sure to take ours back.

We believe that is why after so many years we are better friends than ever and created this company to bring laughter and joy into others’ lives.  We will bring you the best products with an inspirational or motivational quote or something funny to get you through the day. 

Life is truly meant to be lived and we need to all remember everybody has a story, so we believe in a quick smile, a kind word and to just take an extra second to think about others.

As 2017 came to a close Julie has taken over the business, but Lisa will always be by her side with ideas and motivation. 


Julie (Lisa is not her name, it's not her name...Ting Tings)